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would have a majority, there was much dissatisfaction and
confusion. It was said that the popular cause had been
betrayed, and the President was insulted. The Constitu-
tion, however, was signed and ratified both by the Shah
and by his heir. This was the last act of Muzaffar-u-Din,
who died a few days later.

The New Order.—There is no doubt that the events
of 1906 ended the Old Order and brougfit into existence
the New. What the future may be, whether Persia,
which gained so bloodless a victory over absolutism, will
prosper under a constitutional form of government or
not lies on the knees of the gods. My task, for the
present, at any rate, is finished ; and I can only wish the
amiable and interesting people among whom I have lived
the best years of my life in close touch with all classes
of the community, a future comparable to that illustrious
past which I have attempted^however inadequately, to